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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

If it's Wednesday, it must be Jazz day!

I've been wanting to go hear pianist Hank Jones play at Birdland and SJ joined me as the start of nights out on the town for Birthday Week 2008!
Tonight was the first of 3 nights of Hank Jones and the Hank Jones Quartet playing in celebration of his 90th Birthday.
Sakes alive can that man still play up a storm!! Wooo-who!

I really like Birdland as a venue. The sound is great. I do wish they would do two things.
1. Step up the food a little... I find it a little mediocre. I shouldn't have to add my own spices and lemon juice to the spinach dip to get some flavor out of it...I'm just saying...
The Cheese plate is always a good bet though.

2. Invest in a bottle of Tawny Port behind the bar.

The first set was really good so we decided to stay for the second set and hang out with my girlfriend Hiromi.

As we waited for the second set a man sat at the beautiful blue Grand Piano and began to play. We were enjoying listening to him as audience left and the new audience began to roll in. We asked the manager who was playing... Chevy Chase. (Yes, that Chevy Chase.)

Who knew? Soon after people must have recognized him as photographs began and he got up to return to the bar.
The second set was equally as good. What a great night!!! :-)

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