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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sushi, Songs & Sake!!!

Tonight I dashed downtown to meet up with Lisa, Silvia, Chiara, Patrizia and Henrietta and wish Wardell happy travels as he journeys back home to Holland in a few days...a few months earlier than planned.

Lisa, his dear girlfriend, organized a lovely sushi and karaoke evening as they are two of his favorite things. I couldn't believe how much food they included in the package at Japas 27! Yikes! Throw in unlimited sake, wine and water/sodas and you have yourself a party! No WONDER they had us sitting around a table in the private little room -- we were stuffed to the gills!

We sang and sang and sang --- and before we knew it, our two hours were up and they were ushering us out.

While waiting in the bar area for people to finish some things up, I met a few fun folks singing karaoke and got in an other song. Yeah! Hopefull I'll meet up with those folks at another time for some more K. Fun!

From here we were headed to the beauty bar...but needed a quick stop at the dorms at NYU Medical on the LES where both Wardell and Henri live (it's convienent since they work in the building -- and you can't beat the rent!!) Left overs were poped into a were changed for dancing and we popped downstairs to the game room to wait for everyone to be ready.

Suddenly the foozball table was in action...then ping pong and finally, the pool table.

Food and drinks poured out of doors and before we knew was 3am and we never made it to the beauty bar!!!

We did have a great time though. Thankfully there were cabs out at 3am down in the middle of no where NYC and four of us shared one home that stopped here and there until it ended at my front door. Sleeep. Oooh - so good!

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