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Monday, July 23, 2007

Out before Midnight!

Last night wasn't TOO late. We dashed out around 10:30 and Ho drove us to the DVD store that he uses so that I could see if they MIGHT have a few of the DVD series I've been looking for.

Did. They. Ever. I'm not used to watching too much TV when I'm home. I never seem to be around at the same time every week to catch a show. I end up Netflixing them at the end of each season, often bringing them along as I travel for background noise and unwind time. I went perhaps a little overboard. I kept well beneath my targeted goal for how much to spend...but I may go back and get Nip/Tuck and Lost (all seasons up until now.) I think I'll consider picking up the big set of the Sopranos next trip. (I've never seen a single episode of the Sopranos.)

So what is on the list to watch on this trip now? Weeds was released today!!! (I'd seen season 1 but have been waiting baited breath for season 2!!) Firefly (series) and Ally's been a long time but I box the series box set. That show had some GREAT moments!

Dinner last night was YUM!! Some of the best I've had here yet (although it didn't beat lunch yesterday which I'll state again was YuuuuuM! Fu can make that fish head anytime!!)

The next collection is rolling along nicely. I wish I could show you photos (some things are SOOO NEAT)...but...can't sut my nose of despite my face now can I! I've got some new things in the works and I'm **HOPING** that they turn out as nicely as they look in my head. It would be nice to shake the collection up a bit.
It's always harder to shake up the fall/winter dressy hats than the spring/summer. Folks seem more willing to go a little more fun and crazy in the warmer weather when they aren't laden down by heavy suits and coats. Here goes nothing!

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