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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Last night was nice. I stopped in at the Stitch-n-Bitch on COlumbus & 86th street (at the Starbucks.) I thought it was 7-9pm like the Tuesday night group - but alas it was 6-8pm -- so my showing up at 7pm left me only 1 hour of knitting. Met some lovely women and had conversations of knitting, learning, music and Asian languages.

Realized I'd missed a call from a long lost friend - David - and called him back. I just love getting back in touch with friends who I've lost touch with. It's always so nice to hear of all the adventures they've had since we last spoke.

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A wonderful yarn shop is donating 25% of all on-line purchases thru Jan 8th to the Tsunami - if you were planning on buying yarn anyway...

Finally -- for all of you who've mentioned that they couldn't leave a comment because they weren't a blogspot member -- I fixed the problem and now you can leave me notes whether you're a member or not! YEAH!


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