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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Last nights launch went off without a hitch -- Yeah!
My sales agents from across our country all showed smiles and seem to be excitedat the prospects this new line hopefully will bring.
The launch was followed by dinner at The Redeye Grill. The atmosphere at the Redeye Grill was nice enough, but it was very loud. There was a live band playing "background jazz" that sits above the it's sound bounced off of all the hard edges without any soft textures to help absorb it...
Sitting at a round table of 10 people made it very awkward to talk to anyone even the person next to you. Although I ordered 2 items from the menu with the Redeye mark next to them (denoting it a special...) I was not bowled over by the flavors. The Dancing Shrimp appetizer I found bland. I ate all 6 pieces hoping that ONE OF THEM would, in fact, be tasty... I have a recipe for the worlds BEST coconut shrimp...and I must say, there's pales in comparison. We DID get an order of their Beef Negamaki which was very tasty - get it if you go. I followed these by ordering the Asian Sea Bass... served atop noodles. It was...just OK. Not a disaster, but not nearly as good as the Sea Bass at say Sushi Samba.
I'm not saying it wasn't a nice evening mind you -- I'm just saying that I was a bit disapointed by the food and the loudness. I still preferred our last launch dinner...held at Mama' Mexico

Tonight we head to Ruth's Chris in Tarrytown, NY to celebrate Dmitri's promotion with his friends. He's extremely generous and is bringing his friends all out to a nice dinner to thank them for their continued support during his last few rough years. Again - very generous of him!


Blogger Lisa Chau said...

I've been meaning to go back & try their banana cream pie. Have you had it? Is it worth the trip?

Of all the restaurants in this same group (RedEye, Rue 57, Brooklyn Diner, etc.) -- Shelly's is my favorite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bread.

12:15 PM

Blogger Lisa Chau said...

I just followed your link to Aqua. Looks fabulous. Wish I had tried it when I was in Hong Kong a month ago!

Look at this -- Pretty fabulous --

12:18 PM


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