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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Goood Morning! Spent a lovely night out with friends last night! Showed Mel a lovely meal at Tomo (Japanese: Broadway Between 110th and 111th St.) We were seated in the back of the restaurant where it was quiet enough to have nice conversation.
The weather turned cold and Kerry's legs were cold...I wish I'd had her present ready -- but she'll get it on Sunday! It's coming along nicely (see legwarmer photo below.)

I then spent time begining to go thru my UFOs in order to select those I plan to bring on my trip. 3 weeks in Asia (So. China (Dongguan), HK, Shanghai and Tokyo) -- the flights alone provide uniterrupted knitting time! YEAH!

I am trying to find a contact person for the Tokyo if any of you have one - let me know! I'd love to pop in whilest I'm there if it falls on one of my few free moments!

I can't believe my new line launches on Friday (for Fall/Winter 2005!!)
Back to working on Spring/Summer 2006 I go! Ciao!


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