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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

UFOs A-plenty

OK OK - I KNOW I said I'd wait to start anything new --- BUT - Clapotis is just to darn big to do on the subway - so last night I began a Black simple watch cap on a short circular for Dmitri since his shaved head gets so cold in this cold weather! I'll finish it up tonight! But...the SPOOL of yarn I am using for this watch cap is HUGE - so, again - not subwayable --- thus I started a square for the Homeless Blanket project mentioned in yesterday's blog on the subway this morning.

Last night I also began to teach Dmitri how to knit. He wanted to learn (never dated a man who wanted to learn!) and he picked it up faster than anyone I've ever met! Great tention etc. right off the bat! He's eager to learn to make his mom a hat for Christmas! :-) A noble goal to be sure!

Tonight I go to see a preview showing of Billy Crystal's one man show:
700 Sundays
on Broadway with a college friend, Jim. I'll let you know how it was tomorrow!

I can say that Dracula (Broadway) at the Belasco Theatre

Eve-olution (Off-Broadway)-- a two-woman show performed by Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf...Playing at the Cherry Lane Theater

were both quite good!

Happy Wednesday!


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