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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Last night we went to Don Pedros (2nd Ave and 96th St.)
Latin food --- Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican --- ALL YUMMY!

We were a table of 8 hungry folks after a night out at a bar listening to Jen Shankman play live.

Don Pedros was very accomidating - I called them from the street - 8 blocks away and asked for a table for 8. It was 11:30pm and when we got there it was all set up and ready to go!
The food - OH MY GOODNESS -- Sooooo good!

I had a wonderful Mojito - complete with a piece of fresh sugar cain!
For the Appetizer...the special Ceviche of the night...oooooooh. Good!
And for the main course: PARGO ASADO SOBRE MOFONGITO : seared red snapper over mofongito with roasted garlic sauce topped with a field greens bouquet
Dessert was shared...a chocolate piece of heaven!

Don't even think twice - just get up and go!


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