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Thursday, November 04, 2004's day two after the vote...or...Black Thursday...
I'm so utterly dissapointed in our nation for CHOOSING another four years of this. How can so many people bring such shame to this great land?

I live in NYC and CERTAINLY don't feel BETTER knowing that he's in office STILL. It makes me feel uneasy and neglected. When NYC was one of the 2 places that was hit on 9/11 - it's interesting how nobody that I know in this great city of ours it AT ALL comfortable with the idea of him in office. He doesn't make us feel secure, safe or that we should trust him.

Stores are more empty than usual. It appears that people aren't spending as much pre-holiday money (according to 3 different sales people I spoke with at 2 Dept. stores.) I wonder if those red states realized how their votes would effect the blue states - as well as foreign policy. We sure are in for it.
4 Black years to go before we can make a proper change --- let's hope we make it thru unscathed...
...still wondering if there is a way to have the East and West coasts split off from the rest of the country... can wish...


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