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Friday, October 08, 2004

Clapotis - getting long!!

Here's the updated photo on Clapotis -- 46" on the long side and 26" on the shorter.
Of course it's not blocked yet either! :-) For other photos from earlier on, see older posts. :-) I appologize for the tiny photos - suddenly they are coming up so small...and I haven't changed my methods from the earlier posts --- I'll deal with it when I return home from this long trip.

Also - Here are some photos from my favorite yarn shops in Canton, China.

MAg and the ribbon yarn lady

Above Mag is bargoning with the ribbon yarn lady for my ribbon yarn - I took home the black - it's yummy!

King of yarn shops

King of yarn shops! Beware to always ask for a new hank since those on display are always a little icky.

open air yarn

This yarn is always there in the open air --- rain or shine.

yarn winding

Yarn winding!


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