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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm HOME! Yeah! Got in last night and have battled the sleep demon since then! Hoping to get a first god sleep by tonight! Arrived home to a very MEOWY cat - Loco - my 27lb all muscle siamese who rules the roost, and just in time to water the plants in my garden - a few of them looked as though one more day would have met deaths door...I think my house/cat-sitting friend forgot to give them a good last water before leaving...and possibly not more than 2x during her 3 week stay.

My Mums have mostly got to be dead-headed, but most everything else it OK. I need to harvest the last of the basil into pesto to be frozen for a mid-winter "I wish it was summer" night.

Loco, currently sitting on my lap and banging my chin with his head - thoroughly marking me as his human since I've had the nerve to be gone so long (keeping him in house and cat food!) is definately glad to have me home. He usually follows me for a few days upon my return to make sure I'm not packing another suitcase.

Today the workmen come to begin the demolition. The gutter on the brownstone I live in got backed up by a rouge flower pot in the roof furing hurricane Ivan, and when it finally let loose -- all of the water flooded my garden...and poured down into my downstairs (second bedroom turned work room!) flooding it with 3+" of water.
Today they get to work on the removal and replacement of the west wall, the hardwood floors and the bathroom tiles. Ugh.

I had to throw away (took photos) my desk and my new futon won't be far behind.
Ahhhh -- just in time for a houseful of guests all journeying to NYC for Thanksgiving.

Loco took up residence upon th etail end of Clapotis when I worked on it last night -- the lambswool apparently to his liking.
And now it's time to do a bit of work in preporation for the workmen. Wish me luck!


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