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Thursday, October 07, 2004

After a lovely dinner with the team I work with at my favorite factory in Asia, we went to the SUNDAY club (disco). Arrived at 10pm and it was near empty.
They seated us at two tables for 6 that were next to one another. The stools we sat upon were a short pile leopard print fur with a slight butt ridge at the back -- so even if you were drunk you could know where the back of the stool was. The tables were long and not too wide (2 feet?) and they came out from the wall. One end was against the wall, the other was rounded.
We ordered cocktails and beers and watched the girl who was singing. The music was slow and was all dedications between lovers apparently.
The place was massive. The singer was on a stage that was probably 15-20ft long and 15 feet deep, and it looked fairly small in the room.
The ceilings went up 3 stories tall, and you could see the private rooms - some with pool tables etc - all glassed in overlooking the disco below.
It was decorated in all chrome and black with the leopard accents. The private rooms glowed magenta.
The music finally switched to a DJ who played a mix of Hong Kong techno and some remakes of techno-ized 80s tunes ala Chinese flair. (Yep - they did a bang-up job with Debbie Gibson.)
This comment proves I'm getting gold --- DAMN IT WAS LOUD! (My ears rang all the way home later!...OK got that out of the way.) And 6 hours later I'm just starting to feel normal in the hearing time I bring earplugs!
The sound system was good - you could actually hear the words to the songs even though the base was coming at you and shaking the ground.
We hit the dance floor - there was 14 of us - 12 dancing, 2 sitting. And it was fairly empty - we ruled the floor with plenty of room. We danced until we needed a drink and went back to our tables. Beers and cocktails (they made a decent Pina Colada!) for all. Within 5 minutes - no joke - the dance floor and club was PACKED. P-A-C-K-E-D!

Sitting at the table you were raised above the dance floor - almost eye level with the dancers now on the stage. 4 emaciated women and one man (i think) standing mostly in place and dancing semi provocatively. It's hard for me to say it was attractive as these ladies had zero shape - they looked ill to me. My 25 year old (NYC club hopping) assistant thought they looked "sleek". Icky. They looked sickly. I wanted to take photos but they wouldn't allow it. They wore interesting black Outfits - all different and well done- cut up and skin baring. Some with silver studs - one girl had a mask on -- looked a bit creepy... but that was more so her movements than her outfit. They danced to one or two songs and then would vacate the stage to return later. The light show was pretty good against the black walls -- but it was pretty dark over all. They even had a security guy in a black suit, white shirt and black tie (or two) at every at every stairwell with a flashlight to shine on the stairs when you'd need to use them. But the waiters outfits looked like something you'd see in that old SNL skit with Dieter... too funny!

I DID learn how to play Liars Dice - a Chinese (POPULAR!) drinking game -- and I'm quite good at it! Perhaps I'll find a set of the shakers you use and bring them home for the next party! They had enough of these shakers all over so you could play this game at your table and drink away the night when you weren't dancing...since you can't talk due to the loud music. And since you use hand signals -- it is perfect!

So - we fought our way back to dance on the outer edges of the dance floor and played rounds of Liars Dice. I do find it interesting that most girls were sloppily dressed in oversized t-shirts and 80's style tshirts while the men were all in nicely pressed trousers and nice shirts.

Left just after 2:30am so we could get my Asst. back to the hotel to unwind before she left for her flight at 5am. And I began my day at the factory again at 9:30am.
I certainly had a blast and look forward to my return trip in January.
Perhaps I'll try to fit in a foot massage tonight? Hey -- I certainly can't get a $5 foot massage like the ones they have here at home!
Depends on how much work I finish today -- I guess I should get back to it!


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