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Monday, April 12, 2010

Breakfast in Sacramento?

I'd spent a little time sorting through options for how to spend my Sunday in Sacramento until my journey home. Flea Markets, Earth Day celebrations...
When I woke up this morning I was greeted by the rain. Rain rain rain. They don't have rain days in Sacramento because it rains that little. What to do?
Go local! Need a quick breakfast while in Sacramento? I can recommend for you to check out R15 Cafe Bernardo.
Just look at the breakfast burrito I enjoyed (and yes, it beat me! It's HUGE!)

From my bar stool and my knitting I struck on conversations with locals and decided there was but one choice now that I'd checked out of the hotel. The movies! Even Better --- A DOUBLE FEATURE at the historical Tower Theatre!

First up? Greenberg. I'm really glad that I saw this one first. It earned a meager 2.5 out o
f 5 stars in my book. It draggggged. Ben Stiller was fine. It did bring up emotion and frustrations and was painful to watch. I was glad when it was over, picked up my things and dashed to the other theatre for the 4pm of the The Ghost Writer. As I sat I peeked at my phone and see that my two friends that i enjoyed dinner with last night will be joining me and to save seats! How fun!

The theatres at the Tower theatre are long and thin, showing their age. I love theatres like this. They remind me of my childhood when going to see a movie was still an event. Let's talk about The Ghost Writer. I'm going to jump to the end or Roman Polanski's latest first. Thank you. Thank you for NOT putting the typical Hollywood ending. I won't say more about that. I enjoyed the plot and liked the character development. Thank you. I'd give 4 star (out of 5) to The Ghost Writer. A great way to spend a Sunday pouring rain afternoon!

After a quick dinner with my friends I headed to the airport for my 11:59pm flight, with plenty of time to spare. A nice ending to a lovely weekend. Thanks all in Sacramento!

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