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Sunday, April 18, 2004

A view of what I see...
The sun finally won the battle again the torrential rain that has been falling for days here. You can almost see the lush green mountains through the haze. Although it has rained for days, everything is very dusty.

The traffic on the 30 minute journey to the factory from my hotel is increasingly busier as more and more people trade their mopeds up for a car. The 3-lane motorways are bustling and cars enter and exit with reckless abandon... there are few if any signal lights from both the vehicles or the street... just a fend for yourself and your right-of-way mentality. Thankfully the factory insists that I ride in a car with their driver. (Even the folks from Hong Kong don't dare drive here.)

Mopeds share the road with the 18 wheelers, cars and box trucks. Few of them have helmets... seeing a small shoeless child riding on the back with no helmet and clinging on for dear life is a usual sight.

The markets are overly busy being that it's Sunday... everyone racing to and fro. The groups of young boys flirting with the groups of young girls... looks like a giant 7-Eleven parking lot.

Pulling into the factory I see that they must have finished tearing down the last house on the land across from the factory this morning and now it's simply a big brown dirt-filled lot...
on my last visit it was still a lush field full of crops and small huts where families had been living for the last 10 years. The government took this land back and resold it to a developer who will build a factory upon its grounds. I expect the factory to be finished by the time I return in August... things here move so fast...


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