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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Snowing like mad here in NYC. It's only March no matter what the calander says of Spring's arrival! Spent yesterday morning journeying to and from the NYC courthouse to see about pending jury duty. The ceilings of the entrance of the building @ 60 Center Street was recently repainted -- quite patriotic and vivid! Since it was such a lovely day (59F and sunny) I stopped by the Yarn Connection ( on the way back to the office (since it WAS on the way) to see what was in the sale bin... bummer... not enough for any of the projects on my mind... So instead I bought $$$ Rowan Cotton yarn for the project I'm designing (TBA).

Last night I worked on 3 more knit chart motifs for a new "TBD" project that I hope to start knitting. I'm eager to get back to it tonight!!
Back to work I go!


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